CALL TO ACTION – Preserve California’s Judicial Branch of Government: April 22, 2015

Court Budget Info Sheet Link
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 | 1:30 PM
State Capitol, Room 437 (Assembly Budget Sub-5), 1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

As you may know, California’s judiciary has been hit by devastating and unprecedented budget cuts since 2008. This has resulted in the closing of many courthouses, reduced services statewide, and eroded the public’s access to justice. For example, we may have experience where our clients have been denied access to justice due to long lines, trailing court dates, court closures, etc.

A rallying cry has been issued and a wide array from our community have joined in the effort – the Chief Justice, the Judicial Council, the Sacramento Bar Association of Sacramento (SCBA), bar association leaders from all affiliates including ABAS, the District Attorney, the Public Defender, etc.

THE CALL: If you or someone in your outreach network could attend one or more of these hearings, it would be helpful. In particular, if you or anyone you know have any personal stories to share about problems with the courts due to insufficient funding, that would be helpful, also. A mass presence at the meeting and any public comment would help show the breadth and depth of concern within the legal community.

We hope to see a critical mass of your outreach network on April 22nd. The united message sought is to restore justice:

  • Please fund the courts.
  • The Governor’s proposal, from the January 10 budget, is an excellent start, and we would strongly recommend that his budget be supported if not increased.
  • Access to justice remains stretched far too thin for the men, women, children, businesses, victims, and communities of our county.
  • And then whatever your personal stories are… as you know, they are the most compelling testimony of all.

Questions? Contact Andi Liebenbaum (; 916-323-3121). See also the enclosed summary on this issue (court budget).